Default image if now value is set

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if it is possible to give a default media value to a content type. Maybe I will describe what I want to do. If there is a gym on hour website that is not opened yet, there is a default image for it. The make the life of content managers easier I would love to set a default image for every content type “gym”. Is that possible, or has somebody a workaround?
Thanks and best regards,

Hi @thomas.niessen,

It’s unfortunately not possible to achieve what you described at the moment. However, you could update your entries in a batch of requests by using our content migration tool or the Management API directly.

Here’s a related topic on how you’d do that:

Another possibility would be to create an entry to serve as your default and have your frontend application get the requested entry and the default entry and if fields/values are not present in the requested entry use the value of the default entry.