Default Timezone for all

We noticed that Contentful defaults to the user’s timezone then converts our timezone to UTC Z (0) when we use the Date Picker with “Date and time with timezone” format. However, it does not convert timezone with using the “Date and time without timezone”. It instead defaults that to UTC Z (0). I would expect both formats to default to the user’s timezone and convert to UTC Z. Otherwise, users are going to expect both cases to represent their timezone but in fact wind up with mixed timezone data in the database.

Can this improvement be added?

Hi there!

At the moment, it’s not possible to set a default timezone, but it is something I’ll bring to the attention of our product team.

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Thanks Gabriel, let me know what they say. I can’t see a reason why they’d want one to default to the user’s timezone and the other not.

This business issue this is causing for us is:

  1. We had to standardize on the “Date and time with timezone” format for all fields.
  2. We now have to govern the strict usage of this one format and prevent usage of the other
  3. If the other format “Date and time without timezone” is used, we must convert the value when consuming it.

Is there any update on this?