Delete asset file URL

Hi, we need a file permanently deleted from the contentful asset CDN, it is unclear in the documentation if you still need to request this. If so, how can I put in a request with the URL to delete that? e.g.[space-name]/[asset-id]/[version?]/[file-name].jpg to delete.

Hi @sienna.avril.pearl

Usually assets that are deleted, archived or unpublished trough the Web App, should not be accessible via their public URL within 48 hours. Could you confirm this?

Hi @Alma

We’ve recently unpublished an asset on Friday that had been indexed by google and can be seen at it’s direct URL. It’s been over 48 hours, it’s now Monday and the file can still be seen at it’s direct URL, can you let me know when this is expected to be hidden?

Do you know if we will need to access the google search console to remove this and how does that work considering its actually hosted at a contentful location?