Disable Publishing for specific Contentful models


I’m wondering if we can disable publishing for specific Contentful models.

A little context, we use Contentful as a backend for our pages - that is each page of ours is represented by a page level Contentful entry, which has page information, as well as a “modules” section that is an array of references to other Contentful entries that make up our page data.

We are currently instituting the Preview functionality, and therefore when people make changes to the linked “modules”, we want to make sure they preview the full page before publishing the module change.

Is there a way to disable publish for CERTAIN contentful models? IE we want to have a page type entry that you are allowed to publish (depending on role), but all other types should not be able to publish.



Nevermind I think I figured it out!

Somehow I totally missed the area where you can make exceptions for roles.

Hi Victor,

Glad to hear that. You indeed would not be able to do that in self-service pricing and custom roles would only be a possibility under certain enterprise plans.