Disable URL validation on insert link option

Is there a way to disable URL validation when inserting a link in the markdow/ritch text editors using the UI pop-up?
Due to the fact that we have a multi-tenant website, it’s useful to add links that are just relative to the active tenant, so we’ve made it so that if the URL isn’t a well formed URL, we consider it a relative URL. But because inserting links requires the protocol to be included, editors not experienced with markdown don’t realize they can add the slug with the protocol in the UI pop-up and remove it manually after it’s inserted.

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We’re also having issues with this. Maybe someone from Contentful can chime in?

Unfortunately our Frontend validation is to ensure that for most of the users the URL inserted is valid. The only other option is to insert it manually with the syntax:

["Link text"](link-url-or-anchor)


["Click here"](https://www,google.com)
["See next post"](#next-post)