"Discard changes" button appearing and screwing things up

This occurs with one particular entry. No idea why. It might occur with others, I haven’t checked.

Whenever I go to the edit page for this entry, the “Discard changes” link appears. But I haven’t made any changes.

I’ve tried changing its status then republishing it (which occasionally gives me errors about “not the latest content”). “Discard changes” keeps reappearing.

I’ve tried clicking “Discard changes”. The status doesn’t change. I go to another page, then go to this entry’s page again: the “Discard changes” button is back.

Any suggestions?

Hi @avaragado,

This seems like an issue that is specific to this given entry (I couldn’t replicate with several examples on my side).

That being the case, it’d be great if you could send us more details about this item (including the entry URL) to our support channel at support@contentful.com. We’ll investigate this further and get back as soon as gather more information.