Does accessing images counts in the 2M request available?


I was wondering if accessing and image with customer parameter like this:


counts as a resquest to the API?

Like, i am using source sets, so i will have many image url with many different param for the width and the height…


Hi @olivier.castro-perri,

That is correct and every individual request reaching our API endpoints will count towards your monthly quota.


i was wondering if there is a simple way to check how many requests are made to this endpoint: //


Hey Oliver,

sorry, there was some confusion about your question. Requests to assets using the Delivery API or Preview API do count, but requests for the actual assets do not count as API calls, but they are counted in the bandwidth limit:

In practice, doing $asset = $client->getAsset($assetId) in the PHP SDK will count as 1 API call. However, actually displaying the image in your HTML (echo $asset->getFile('en-US')->getUrl()) will not count as an API call.

Hope this clarifies it,