Dropdown and Radio widgets for Short text field

Hey, I’ve just started experimenting with Contentful on a free account.

I wanted to create a background color selector field with values like White, Red, Grey. So Author would select one.

All the documentation I checked suggest I should be able to do this with the Short text field, with Validation : Accept only specified values. and Appearance: Dropdown.

Now I don’t see these options in Appearance. I only see options for Tags, Checkboxes, and comma delimited list.

If I select the Number field, there I can have the Radio and Dropdown appearances. But obviously the Number field won’t accept strings like White as value.

I can’t build what you see in this article bellow.

What am I missing?

So to answer my own question. The mistake I made was to check “List” on the Short text field. Cause I thought I was making a list. Apparently the logic is that if Author can only select one from my list then it’s not a list :slight_smile:

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