Environment not available via CDAPI


I have the master environment (with a meaningless alias that I wish I could get rid of) as well as three more: test, maindev and dev (where maindev is shared across development and dev is for the individual developer). My issue is that when I try to query the dev environment using the C# client I’m met with “The resource could not be found”. If I try to use the GraphQL app I get a 400. My other environments work just fine.

Note that the Content Management API seems to work just fine, as I can roll on migration scripts no problem. How do I fix this? Why is it happening?

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Hi @mgj

Have you tried to check the CDA API settings to see if the ‘dev’ environment is enabled for the API key you are using?

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I’ve got the same problem. I’ve set environments in my API keys configurations, and it didn’t help. It only works if I set alias. I only have one available alias, but multiple environments and corresponding number of API keys. Can you help me with that?

Hi @GorgeousPuree, which is the API call you made?

Hi. I’ve made GetEntries().