Error while uploading .png image

I have a content model in which there is field to upload images . I am getting this error when uploading the image:

You can see it’s showing The URL's hostname is not valid. error below the image.

I had uploaded images to this model before but did’t get this error that time.

What the issue here ? How can I solve this issue . Please let me know.

i also get the same Error when uploading an image.
I’m trying to upload a new Image(jpg) in an already existing content-model, which worked before.
I did not make any changes to the code of the Website or any changes in Contentful.

Also this Error appears on every already published Media-File in this space.


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I just renamed the content model name . I think anyone from the core team should look at this as soon as possible . It really hurting the customer experience

Hi @rishabhraghwendra200 Welcome to our Contentful Community.
Yesterday we did have an issue in regards to this error message and a fix has been deployed. Could you check if the you can upload assets now?