Examples of major SEO content businesses that use Contentful?

Hi folks, I’m evaluating Contentful to power a new content marketing initiative at my company. We’re Contentful Enterprise clients, but I’m not certain Contentful is the right solution for this initiative so I’m digging in to de-risk our solution approach. Evaluating a few different options, including using Wordpress as a headless CMS, which I know is becoming more common.

Does anyone have examples of companies that have built major SEO content businesses (5M+ unique SEO visitors / mo) powered by Contentful?

And if anyone is a solutions partners with a demonstrated history working with large-scale SEO businesses that employ Contentful, please DM me :).


Hello, I am not sure what are the specific requirements you’d like to evaluate for your SEO, but it should be all configurable/modelable in the CMS.

We’ve build multiple solutions using Contentful and for some that are content/SEO oriented we have one with higher tens of thousands of screen views and one with lower millions screen views a month.

I didn’t find a way to DM you, but if you’d like you can reach out to me on LinkedIn or on vojtech@flowup.cz

We are not a Contentful parther (yet) but we are a Google Cloud Partner which might give you some confidence.