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Export a particular content model from one environment to another

I have two environments - “master” and “dev” . Have modified one content model - “menu” in “dev” environment and before importing that to “master”, i want to export the existing “menu” content model from “master”, as in case of any failure, i can import back the older “menu” content model.

Is there any way to export a specific content model alone. I was looking for content-cli options, but with “–query-entries”, its exporting all content models in that environment.

Below is the command I am running :

contentful space export --config menu_import.json

Content of menu_import.json

“spaceId”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“environmentId”: “master”,
“managementToken”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“skipContentModel”: “false”,
“skipContent”: “true”,
“skipRoles”: “true”,
“skipWebhooks”: “true”,
“queryEntries”: “menu”