Exporting and Importing data between spaces

Hi , I am trying to export a space and all its content to another space. I am using the following command:

contentful space export --space-id q6nqxmmyq05x

However I keep getting this error.

21:10:35 - Error: Status: 404 - Not Found - Message: The resource could not be found. - Request ID: 7ee0d7c10b13005134324fb38c76dbb5

I tried putting the space id withing single quote ’ or double quote “” no luck. Could you please guide me with exporting and importing the space

Hi Venu,

Could you explain in a bit more detail how precisely you ran this process?

Was contentful space export --space-id q6nqxmmyq05x the only command that you have used?

Yes exactly. I just ran that one command. please see the attached image…

but I want to do import as well using the command…space import…

Hi there,

Could you send us a ticket into our support channel? In there, we will be able to further investigate it and discuss it with more sensitive information.