Extending the default Multiple Entries-editor?

I’d like to override how the Multiple Entries editor previews each individual item in its list.
Each entry inside of the list contains an id for video assets which are hosted in another system.

It currently looks like this.

I would like to add some additional information to the preview above. Some of that information is fetched from API-endpoints outside of contentful.

The only way I could think of to achieve this would be to create a new contentful ui widget from scratch which works together with multiple-entries fields, and set my field to use that widget.

However, that approach would involve having to re-invent the entire multiple extensions editor from scratch. Since I’ve noticed that you’ve already open-sourced some of the “core-editors”, is there any possibilities of getting the source code for the multiple Entries-editor as well?

Or are there any easier ways to achieve the desired result?


Hi @anders.rydman,

You can actually achieve that by changing the appearance of your referencing field:

With that, you should see the following structure in your entries:

I understand that I can change to the Card Layout, but lets say I would like to see something else in the preview on based on another field inside the entry, for instance - I would like to show a field named “startPublishDate” which we use together with the contentful-scheduler which you guys provide.

And another thing in addition to that: Lets say I want to change the color to yellow for all “post”-entries in the multiple entries editor preview, for entries which have their “startPublishDate” set to future dates.

Just to clarify, one of the boxes in your example above would have its background-color set to yellow because its scheduled. How could I do that?

here is a UI extension I made which sits on a multi reference field but presents a completely different UX:

might be a starting point or at least get some ideas…

@charlie That looks great as a starting point.

Thank you!