Feature Request: Ability to limit Reference field to only "Create new", and disallow "Link Existing"

A common use case I seem to have is to group related fields for re-use into a common content type, and link it with a Reference field.

For example…


  items: [LinkListItem]

Reference fields have 2 options, “Create new”, and “Link Existing”. I don’t ever want a user to “Link Existing”. I really only ever want them to create new. As a configuration option, I’d like the ability to simply configure a toggle that says “I only want a user to create new entries here, I don’t want them to link existing”.

And bonus points if I can have control over the button text… instead of “Create existing”, i’d like to configure the text to say “Add item”.

Hi @jason1,

Thank you for the feedback! Indeed, at this moment, it’s unfortunately not possible to restrict certain users from only linking entries. In any case, I have already opened a feature request for you.

In the meanwhile, it may be possible for you to achieve this by using our UI extension SDK with our custom roles features.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: