Feature request: Narrow the scope of Preview Platform selection to individual evironments

Currently sellecting a Preview Platform for an entry of specific content type in one environment will replicate this assignment in all other environments.


It would be super handy to have the possiblility of selecting different Preview Platforms in different environments.

So let’s assume we have two hosting locations/storage accounts: Production and Staging. Each hosts its own version (Prod or Staging) of the same Preview app. Both are declared in Contentful space as Preview Platforms that can be used to preview entries of ‘Page’ type. Let’s call these platforms ‘Page Preview’ and ‘Page Preview UAT’.

Now for entries of ‘Page’ type in ‘master’ environment we could select ‘Page Preview’ platform, whereas for the same type of entries but in another environment (e.g. ‘uat’) we can select ‘Page Preview UAT’ platform, without affecting our ‘master’ environment.