Feature request: Sub-entry title

I have a case where a sub-entry title in the Contentful-ui would be most desirable:

I have an Event-content type, and to have a schedule for the event I’ve created an Event > Activity-content type with start date, duration, title and stuff like that.
As it is now one can only set the text fields as entry titles, which is a bit weird since you could easily format a datetime and use that as entry title. But even if you could, It wouldn’t really be optimal to only have the datetime as entrytitle because it would be quite difficult to see what kind of activity it represented.
However, the absolute most awesome combination would be to have the title as entry title and the start date as subtitle.

Training Session (1/7 2018 09:00)

Would be cool! :grin:

Hi @gustaf.eriksson,

Indeed, this is not really possible at the moment and I’m promptly creating a feature request for this. However, you could also at the moment perform searches with your date field by adding to the column of your view.