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Features and environments of the new pricing models

Hi everyone @ Contentful Community!

I am a customer support representative here at Contentful, and I would like to share some more information about the migration to the new pricing models for all users who are currently on our legacy plans.

Please note that all users who registered the organization before April 2018, are on one of the legacy plans.

If you’ve experienced issues with adding more users, or would like to have 2 million free API calls for each space, or you’d simply like to experience new features such as environments or GraphQL- one of the new plans might be just right for your project(s).

Please feel free to go through the following steps to migrate to one of the new plans:

  1. Please go through our Pricing page to check
    which plan would be more suitable for your project(s)

  2. Please note that space(s) in your account must fit within the limits stipulated on our pricing page
    (e.g., content types, locales, roles) and a plan for each space must be selected.

  3. You can see each space plan and its limits on the following link:

  4. Once you have checked your space’s current usage, please specify which plan you would like to
    have each space in.

  5. You can then contact our support team with all information stated above by submitting a support
    ticket. We will be happy to assist!


  • Only the organization owner is able to request the migration.
  • Please rest assured that there won’t be any downtime during the migration.
  • The current pricing structure only allows for one free Micro space plan. After that, subsequent micro spaces will cost $39 per month per additional space.
  • Please bear in mind you will not be able to revert to your old plan after the migration was done.
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