fetchArray gives unresolved entry for Unresolved link not mapping to Entry

Not able to parse entries from the particular content model.
it’s giving me error that unresolved in the iOS SDK.
Although the same code is working fine for the android. I have tried to fetch data using the model and also from the simple methods still getting the same error.

    let contentTypeClasses: [EntryDecodable.Type] = [

    let client = Client(spaceId: Constants.CONTENTFUL_SPACE_ID,
    environmentId: Constants.CONTENTFUL_ENVIRONMENT_ID, 
    accessToken: Constants.CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN,
    contentTypeClasses: contentTypeClasses)

    let query = QueryOn<Library>.where(field: .libraryTitle, .equals("Library")).include(10)

    client.fetchArray(of: Library.self, matching: query) { [unowned self] result in
        switch result {
        case .success(let arrayResponse):
            guard !arrayResponse.items.isEmpty else {
                print("No data found")
            completionHandler(arrayResponse.items, nil)
        case .failure(let error):
            print("Oh no something went wrong: \(error)")
            completionHandler(nil, error)

From the above method, I am able to get the details till the libraryRow but in libraryRow theLibraryRowData refers to the different named contentTypeID like an attached image.

I am getting the below error. whenever I try to fetch it. Also, I am not able to get assets from that.
For assets, I am trying this

libraryRowEntry.fields[“titleIcon”] as ? [Contentful.Asset]

But it’s not working.

[Contentful.Link.unresolved(Contentful.Link.Sys(id: “XozGKbG9ofDcAlKYNWXCa”, linkType: “Entry”, type: “Link”)), Contentful.Link.unresolved(Contentful.Link.Sys(id: “6kv4dVKCFmapdzuZOSEO5l”, linkType: “Entry”, type: “Link”)), Contentful.Link.unresolved(Contentful.Link.Sys(id: “5BlYij7wcHxSPSqNkw6qmJ”, linkType: “Entry”, type: “Link”))]

I have followed the below documents for the integration.

Also the git example.