Field Level help Text

Hi Team,

Is it possible to define a field level help text for my application using contentful?.
I am using an application where my requirement is to show the information(help text) for each section and its respective field based on a mouse focus or by using a shortcut key.

For example:
Help text Pop-Up through a shortcut key
To search for an information related to any of my field i should be able to press the shortcut key, based on which my help text pop-up must appear. Therein i can be able to search for any field or section using search option. Based on those actions, the information should be filtered and pulled from contentful to be shown in my application.

Can i know the feasibility for this approach using contentful.

Each field on a content type has the possibility of showing help text. This is what the configuration screen looks like:

And this is what is looks like in the entry editor:

However, I’m not certain from your example if this is actually what you are looking for. Please let me know.

I hope this helps!