Filter by blank fields

Is there a way to filter the list of content entries to match a blank, null, or empty field. Eg. title is ''?

You can search for Untitled entries (aka entries for which the Entry Title has not been set) by looking for version equal to 1.

Does that help?

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This is a feature I’ve been pining for ages. Never occured to me, that it can be done via the version filter. :rofl:

In this particular scenario, our content models are designed to use relations to existing content. Thus, the “Create new and link” button does not have to be pressed that often. However, the button being all pretty and tempting, our content creators who are fairly new with Contentful have a tendency to press it out of reflex and old habits.

For this reason we end up getting a bunch of Untitled entries and somebody gets to play the janitor and clean them up… :wink: