[FooBar meetup, Sept. 20] Web Performance Meetup Berlin

For more info and to RSVP go here: https://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Web-Performance-Group/events/241813755/

Three speakers will give us totally different insights into their experiences with digital speed:

Mehdi Daoudi (Founder & CEO Catchpoint): Performance, peeling the onion.

Mehdi founded with ex-colleagues from Google/Doubleclick his own monitoring company Catchpoint in 2008. He will share his huge pool of experience, awareness, and activities in this interesting session. @mdaoudi

Sebastian Cohnen (Founder & CTO Stormforger): Load Testing with 1,000,000 Users

A lot of you know Lars and Sebastian from Stormforger already. They are a referenceable source when it comes to load testing and web performance. This is a battle story talk about how we helped to debug and load test the interactive German TV quiz show called “Quizduell im Ersten” back in 2014. The talk will outline some background info, architecture and what happened, why it failed and what we did in order to help fixing it in one week. @tisba

Kristian Sköld (VP Products Measureworks): 3rd Parties - A hate love who wants to be managed

Kristian is in the WebPerf over 10 years now and worked for a lot of companies from that industry, e.g. Gomez, Dynatrace, SOASTA. He is known for actionable insights and will give advice how to deal with 3rd party content - including tool tips. @kskoeld