[FooBar meetup, Sept. 6] Voice Meetup Berlin

For more info and to RSVP go here: https://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Voice-Interfaces/events/242529718/

19h - Doors open with beer, non-alcoholic beverages and food sponsored by contentful

19.30h - 20.15h - 3x15-minutes talks


1. Daniel Valcour

Director Developer Relations - Nuance Communications
"How to make sure the multitude of present and future assistants will actually help and not confuse us."

2. Andrea Muttoni

Technology Evangelist - Amazon Alexa
"Best Practices from the Most Engaging Alexa Skills."

3. Jan König

Co-Founder - Jovo
"Learnings and insights from NY based Betaworks voice accelerator."

20.15h - 20.20h - 1x5-minutes lightning talk

1. Luis Colin

UX | Systems Design Specialist
"UX for UI: customizing voice output based on emotional context recognition."

… and you :heart_eyes::
If you built something cool with voice show it to everyone. Just send us an email or approach us.

20.20h Mingle and discuss #VoiceFirst