Full text search by multiple fields


I’m facing a problem with full-text search. Is it possible to create one request with match on multiple fields?
For example, i have content model Product with fields Name, Description, Code and i want to find all products whose fields are matching search text ( Name[match]: <search_value> or Description[match]: <search_value> or Code[match]: <search_value> )

Or i need to create 3 different requests?

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Hi @efedorov.unit,

You would indeed need to create 3 different requests - we don’t have an operator in analogy to what you would expect of OR operator in relational databases. Instead, you’d request these with separate queries and later concatenate their responses.

Hi @gabriel, thanks for your response!

Glad to help! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hey, is there possibly an update on that front in 2022?
I had the desire to use an OR operator for fields twice now and it would be such a great addition to the API!

@efedorov.unit I know the question is 4 years old, but if anybody is looking for an possible solution. I realized there’s a “query” parameter. It does look in all text fields across your content model though, not just specific ones. Maybe it’ll work in your example or in for anybody finding this older article.