Gatsby preview doesn't detect changed items

I was trying to set up Contentful preview and I added the Gatsby Cloud Preview Webhook in Contenful. Now If I make changes in Contentful, I can see it triggers a build in Gatsby Cloud CMS Preview, but the content is not updated. If I go back to Contentful and check the Call details for Gatsby Cloud Preview Webhook, inside the request body, the content is actually updated.

I also tried the Gatsby App and followed the guide. I do see the Open Preview button on the right side bar, but the preview site will stuck on Polishing your site or gives me an error message with a link View Error Logs. If I click the link, it will redirect me to Gatsby Cloud CMS Preview. Inside Gatsby Cloud CMS Preview, it actually shows built successfully, but again content is not updated. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!

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I’ve also been experiencing this. Would love to figure it out.