Generating slug from CJK language causes duplicate slugs

I encountered this issue after I enabled the “Generate slug from” option.

I mainly use the Japanese language, so the option is useless when I write titles in Japanese. I left this option enabled because I sometimes use English.

However, if I duplicate entries with Japanese titles, every slug is changed to just “1” even though the “Unique filed” option is enabled. This is because slug generation only detects numbers after the title.

You can also reproduce this issue with Korean or Chinese.

I know we can’t use non-Latin languages for slugs. Any advice for better slug generation with CJK languages?

(sorry for bad English)

Hi @sasigume

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. I will issue a feature request to our development team. In the meanwhile what I could suggest is to build a simple App that, in our Web app, could either copy the English slug also in the CJK field, or use some sort of basic conversion of the CJK titles to build the proper latin slug (for example, it should be possible to connect the App to a service like Google Translate to do that).