Get publisher email

Here a question about user email I haven’t found the answer on the help section so far.

I want to send the email of the user who published the content. But the payload doesn’t have any field containing the user email. How can that be done or is there another way I can get user email?


Hi @zhenting.huang, if your organization is on an enterprise plan and control the webhook listener, you could use the steps below:

  • Transform your webhook payload to include of the user (documentation can be found here, section ‘Transformation context’)
  • On the webhook listener side, use user id in User management API to query the user email and name

Hi @Alma,
Thanks for replying!
Yes, we are on an enterprise plan and we do include in the webhook payload. I do have some questions related to User management API.

  1. Currently, we are using Content Delivery API with the CDA token, I want to confirm that I need to get a separate token for using User management API.
  2. I see golang currently is not supported for the User management API. Is that still the case?

Hi @zhenting.huang,
Sorry for the late reply.

  1. Yes, you need the 2 different tokens. You can easily generate them from Settings > API Keys.
  2. Yes, unfortunately there are still not User Management API for golang. However, in one of our Contentful Labs, there is a ‘demo’ SDK that could be easily extended: (be aware, that since it seems a little old, some newer functionalities might not work as expected)