Getting linked entries

I have two content types, blog-post and tag. On the blog-post type I have a tags field where I can attach multiple tags. Querying this the blog-post gives me all the related tag's.

But I’d like to also be able to get all blog-post's linked to a tag, I just can’t work it out. The tag content type just has three fields, title, slug and description, no blog posts field but I don’t think I need this? I can see in the editor that it has two linked blog posts.

Below is what I’m using to grab the tags, I thought include would have done it but nah

    const response = await client.getEntries({
      content_type: 'tag',
      order: '',
      include: 1

Solved this just by making a second query to get blog-post's using links_to_entry

      const posts = await client.getEntries({
        content_type: 'blog-post',