Getting URL for asset linked in entity

My API call returns a picture object that containts fields and a url value. When I try to query this in my code, however, it says undefined though in Postman (or printing out as below) these elements CLEARLY exist.

I’m writing a Vue app so my code is as follows:

    <div id="about">
            <div v-for="(member, index) in team" :key="index" >
                <ul v-for="(field, i) in member.fields.picture" :key="i">
                    <li>{{ i }}: {{ field }}</li>

  import {createClient} from '~/plugins/contentful.js'

  const client = createClient()

  export default {
    // `env` is available in the context object
    asyncData ({env}) {
      return Promise.all([
        // fetch all team members
          'content_type': 'team',
          order: '-fields.title',
      ]).then(([team]) => {
        // return data that should be available
        // in the template
        return {
          team: team.items

This could occur in a few occasions. First, did you check if the linked asset is published? Second, you might also want to check if you’re querying the right locale.