Giving editors control over where content is published


We are new to Contentful and are planning on starting out with a proof of concept project for one of our content types.

One of the abilities our editors currently have when creating content in our CMS is that they can choose which end points (websites in this case) that a particular piece of content is published on. So for example:

Content piece 1 is published on website A
Content piece 2 is published on websites A, B and C
Content piece 3 is published on websites B & C

We ideally would like to replicate this functionality but I was wondering what would the best way be to go about this? I was thinking that we could create a content type which lists the different end points, which the editor could then select. There may well be a much better way that I am not seeing though.

Any thoughts / pointers would be really helpful.


Hi @trquiz , I think using a Content-type to decide which website to publish to is the right approach. How did it go with the proof of concept?