Graphql Response times and caching

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I would like to ask a question regarding response times and graphql. I cannot understand how the cache works and what is the max time I can set it. What I mean and need to grasp is if the cache is per content type or entry or per client. I cannot figure out which is the case. I did a test by calling the grapgql cdn from web browser and from Postman with the same entry and it seems that it did the initial call again. Also can I set the max cache time. Tried also to set it but the max the cache worked was around 10 min. Can you please elaborate on this a bit more documentation is not mentioning a lot and the time difference are quite big and essential. Queries without cache does from 700 to 1.5 seconds and are not quite complex(cost between 200-800) and with cache is around 75-150 which is really good but I need to find how to extend the cache time if it is possible

Hi @dimi, we have a CDN on our side and each node also works as a cache, when you make an API request to our side, the node first checks if the request is cached, if so, it is served from CDN, otherwise, it goes through our database. The request is cached per node, and it is expired when you have a publish/unpublish event in your space environment.

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Thank you for the reply!