Grouping Fields

I am having doubts to install this extension, I have not found the link to github.

Could anyone help me?

Here is a GitHub link for the extension:

Hey @ante.sepic.

I try to install the extension( but I’ve got this message.

I have to admit I don’t have knowledge on the requirements for the GitHub install to work, I would suggest trying to build it, host it on Netlify or similar, and then link it to Contentful the “manual” way.

Hi @andres I checked the issue and as I see it’s not possible to install the extension via the Web App. As explained in the Readme file, however, it is possible to install it using the CLI: / The reason behind is that the extension has to be built before being installed.

Hey @Alma @ante.sepic how do you install plugin through the CLI?

hey @Alma how do you install this specific plugin through the terminal?

One year later and I too would like to know how this extension could be installed. Seems like something that should be built-in to be honest, grouping components could make managing data so much easier


I believe nowadays you will need to create a ‘Contentful App’. Here some links that might help: