Headers in response detailed in the docs aren't in my responses

The documentation says that there should be a series of headers returned with every response but I can’t see them. Here is a link to that section of the docs: https://www.contentful.com/developers/docs/references/content-management-api/#/introduction/api-rate-limits

Is the documentation out of date? I get other Contentful headers but none of the rate-relates ones.

Hi @dustin.aleksiuk,

By doing a simple inspection of my browser session, I was able to find the headers without any issues:

Depending on how you structured your cURL command, for example, that might influence what values are retrieved to you, and it might as well not include all headers from the requested entity.

I was able to fetch the rate-limiting headers without any issues using the following structure:

curl -I -H "Authorization: Bearer CFPAT-Token" https://api.contentful.com/spaces/spaceID/entries

Hi @gabriel,

Thanks a ton for that reply. When I ran the GET you gave in your response I see the rate limit headers. When I was doing it I was using an organization-level endpoint: https://api.contentful.com/spaces. I just tried it again and I don’t see the headers. So it looks like they work on space-level requests but not organization-level requests?

The reason I did that was pure laziness. I wanted to see the headers without looking up a spaceId.

Thanks for the answer. When I want to see those headers I’ll query a specific space. It’s actually the opposite of what I’d expect, since the rate limits aren’t by space.