Heroku webhook deploys

Feels like this issues is some sort of auth error someone where along the way. Curious if anyone out there has a similar setup and can give some insights.

So i have the webhook installed for deploying to Heroku.

When I run the test it gets a successful response from Heroku. . The activity log in Contentful for the webhook says it’s successful. But Heroku itself fails on trying to run the build

The only line in the log is

Unable to fetch source from: https://github.com/XXXX/xxxx/archive/master.tar.gz

This is a private repo, but Heroku already has full permissions to the GitHub repo

I feel like this has worked in the past so maybe some config has changed on my end?

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I know this is old but I have just ran into the same issue.

I ended up using the following as my source_blob value:


However the access_token in the URL has been deprecated and I’m not sure that there is a way to pass HTTP headers through webhooks for heroku to use.