Hidden fields, populated via a UI extension

I am using a UI Extension to retrieve a list of options from an API, which populates a list (based on this extension)

I’d like to grab extra data associated with the API response and populate other fields automatically. This is working fine, but it is metadata associated with the selected item which I do not want content editors to modify.

At the moment I’m struggling to find a way to hide the metadata fields, while still being able to populate them when the select element changes.

Is there a strategy for achieving this? Or is there a feature allows setting arbitrary metadata post-save, so that the fields are never presented to content editors, but I can still associate the data?

The use case for this is, by saving the metadata against the content element at creation time, it saves me a round trip in my application later for every item returned from contenftul.


Hi @sh1!

Check out this link about disabling editing on fields. It might not be exactly what you are looking for as the editors can still see the field but not edit it. To achieve that specifically, I’d suggest making a UI extension which simply doesn’t show anything. You also might have some luck with using an extension in the sidebar.