Hidden required fields

Hi Team. In one of our projects we realised the amount of fields was increasing too much and decided to go for custom editor apps to distribute fields in different tabs. In the future we would like to have all fields moved to specific tabs but, as of now, we need to have the default editor along with the different apps we are deploying.

The problem we are facing is that one of the fields we have ‘moved’ from the default editor is required and, while working on the app, all validations were working properly. However, with the last step, which is hiding the field so it does not appear in both places, the validations stopped working. It seems (and looks like legit) that when making the fiend hidden Contentful decides to remove the ‘required’ validation so the content can be still published. In this particular case, however, we can still edit the field by accessing the custom tab.

So, the question would be: is it possible to configure a field so it’s required but it does not appear in the default editor? The only idea that comes to my mind is implementing another app (or add the field location as an option for the current one) that renders a blank area and configure it as the editor for the required field but maybe there are easier ways to achieve it.

Thanks in advance,