How do I wrap each short text list item with code (Want to use Contentful as a Menu Editor)

I can’t find an example anywhere of how to have my website pull in the “Short Text List” items while wrapping each of them with custom code.

All I am trying to do is create a Content Modal with an Entry for each Menu on my website.

I was thinking that each Menu(Entry) could have a Short Text List field that clients could potentially use to add each menu item they want and arrange them in whatever order they want without having to look at any code and have all the list items they publish reflected on the site.

I would also need a way to wrap the entire list with custom code as well. Here is a screenshot to show you what I currently have to do to pull this off…

But that is a lot of code for a client to look at and they would have to ensure that every time they added a new list item, that they moved the closing ul tag back to the end of the list.

Ideally I would eventually want to be able to separate each aspect of the link code into separate fields. I have done this in the past using the Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) WordPress plugin using something they call Repeater Fields that allowed me to create a field called “Link” and inside it would be separate fields for all the aspects of a link(Name, URL, Target). I was then able to code my site to pull in the values of each field wherever I wanted within my code. Is there anything like that currently available or in the works?

Or if there is a simpler way to essentially use Contentful as a Menu Editor, please let me know. Because even if I were to figure out how to wrap each entry with custom code, I foresee other issues that I would run into in order to allow drop-down menu items.