How do we get Contentful working in China?

Hello Contentful community,

We’re currently facing challenges managing our website in China and would greatly appreciate your advice. Here’s some context:

Our EU based organization historically has relied on a Chinese agency to manage our a Strapi site hosted in China for our Chinese market. However, we’ve encountered issues with this arrangement and need the ability to manage our China site internally. Just like our other global sites, which use Contentful and Netlify. Consequently, we’re considering transitioning to Contentful in China.

However, we’ve discovered that Contentful doesn’t work in China due to high latency and resource loading issues in China. Mostly due to the firewall and non-compliance with content control laws.

We seek your insights on the following:

  • Is it possible to fix Contentful in China?
  • What are the best practices for low latency delivering Contentful resources to China?
  • How can we ensure a smooth transition and internal management of our Contentful China site?
  • Are there any alternative solutions or workarounds to effectively manage our China website within the Contentful ecosystem?

We greatly appreciate any advice, experiences, or insights you can share regarding the transition and management of a website using Contentful in mainland China.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Alessandro!

Welcome to the community. The best place for you to find answers would be our Slack channel. It is far more active and you will get an answer much quicker!

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Hi @alessandro.carpenter

We were in a similar situation a couple years ago and needed to get our company’s new global site working in China.

We also relied on a Chinese agency to manage our China site, and they were extremely frustrating to work with to say the least.

We looked into a several of options but ended up using 21YunBox’s Contentful China & Netlify China integrations to fix the China Contentful problem. Their solution seemed to bridge the gap for our use case in China the best. They spoke english even took care of all the licenses we needed to comply w/ China’s legal requirements.

Overall they provided a seamless solution and allowed us to keep the same architecture and flow we used outside of China. And their integration allowed us to use our Contentful Chinese locale to deliver to China, making managing China simple like we would with Japan or Korea.

Two years in, the results seem good and haven’t heard any complaints from our team in China.

Hope that helps!