How do we validate an entry?

Often when validations change on a content type, its entries stay published invalid state. However, we get problems when trying to publish those entries later. Is there a way to “validate” an entry without actually attempting to publish it?

Hi Aldub,

The only way to do this would be through the UI extension SDK. Other than that, validation can only be enforced while you try to publish it.

I’m in a similar position where I want to validate items before they’re actually ready for publishing. I’m working purely with APIs. In this case, would I be best create an environment, say ‘/dev/null’, and attempt publish to that to discover validation errors?

It would be great if the Management API had a ‘IsValid’ operation, can this be considered as a feature request?

Hi Paul,

Indeed, it could be a possible workaround to simply create a new environment and later use our export/import tools.

In any case, I will also make sure to send your feedback to our product team.

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