How do you create checkboxes?

I can see from this article:,your%20content%20creators%20to%20success.

It states you can create checkboxes from Short text, but I cannot find the appearance anywhere. I have specified that the item is required and set some specific values. Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong?

Hi jay,

select the list option while creating the field and u can able to set as checkbox in appearance tab.



just to expand on the answer, I wanted to share screenshots of the different options to set to get this to work.

First, add a short text list field to your content type like this:

and click on Create and configure.

Next, click on the Validation tab and check Accept only specified values and add the options to be shown to the editor like so:

Next, click on the Appearance tab and select the Checkbox appearance like this:

Last, click Confirm then save your content type and now your entries will have a field that looks like this:

Hope this helps!!