How do you manage and "deploy" content model updates?

I have 2 spaces: productionSpace (prod) and developmentSpace (dev)

I created dev so I could experiment w/ different content models without affecting prod.
Now that I’ve figured out the new content model (a new one, and a change to an existing one)…

What is the best way to “deploy” the changes from dev to prod?
The only docs I see is the “use a configuration space”.

What is your workflow for building new content models while not breaking your prod content?


Hey @ryan1,

there is a beta currently running which allows you to migrate Content Types in a codified way.
You can install it via NPM for example: npm install migration-cli (depending on your setup you might want to install it with the -g flag to have the CLI available everywhere).

There is a question regarding auto-generating migrations from your built space, which links to a gist @tim created - maybe that’s something you’d like to use.


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Thanks Stephan! I will check that out.