How does date time field determines default time zone

I have a Date field in my content type. When I add new entry of that content type, Contentful offers me default time zone in UTC for that field. For example, UTC + 2. How does this time zone is determined for me? What source does Contentful use for syncing time?

The time zone is something you can choose:


and in the API response that timezone is shown:

"fields": {
	"date": "2017-08-16T14:14+02:00"

Yep. I was just wondering how default time zone is defined, i.e. what server is used for syncing?
For example, if I would create new entry with Date field, by default I’ll be offered UTC+2. If someone else would create new entry with Date field from different time zone, another time zone will be suggested by default.

It uses your browser’s local time zone. Go change your computer clock to use a different time zone and refresh the page and you’ll see it show that time zone.

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Perfect, thanks a lot!