How I can add sample entries to Content Type during creation of Content type using Migration CLI?


I am creating new content type using Migration CLI. How I can add few sample entries to it?

module.exports = function(migration) {
var animal = migration.createContentType(‘animal’).name(‘Animal’).description(‘Animal desc.’);
animal.createField(‘animalName’).name(‘Animal Name’).type(‘Symbol’);
//I need to add few sample entries to this content type. How i can do this?

Hi @bharats,

The Migration CLI tool doesn’t provide a direct implementation in creating sample entries in a given content type created by the tool. However, it’d be pretty straightforward to do that with our SDK or Web Interface:

Hi gabriel, Thank you for your reply on this.

Hi @gabriel ,

Is still there is no feature to add sample entries in a given content type using Contentful CLI ?

I am using this version contentful-cli@2.6.40