How to add an image to the entry selection dialog preview?

We are currently developing a custom DAM Integration with Art Direction capabilities for images using the Contentful App SDK.

Because we are not using Contentful’s native Asset content model but our own, which includes information about the DAM asset in JSON, we do not have an image preview in the entry selection dialog (the one where you can choose an existing entry, with a search bar and the filter).

Does the SDK have a way to define, how this preview card looks? It would greatly improve the UX for our content editors, since they could more easily find the correct image to link to a content model.

Hi there! You should be able to accomplish something like this leveraging either Contentful’s open source fields editors, Contentful’s open source design system (Forma 36), or both :+1: Unfortunately, I do not think the entry browser itself is part of the design system, so you may have to cobble together different pieces into your own custom modal to get what you’re looking for.