How to assign a content model to a certain page


First of all I hope my question is placed in the right category. Recently my organisation has started using Contenful for our own organisation website. I’m used to the traditional Content Management Systems like Joomla, Wordpress and Kentico, I’m trying to understand Contenful.

What I’m trying to figuring out is what the best approach is for this situation:

  • I have a website with about 8 pages that all has a banner (which should have an image and textline)
  • So I thought I should make one content model called ‘Banner’ with certain fields.
  • But how or where will the content editors assign a certain Banner entry to a certain page? One should be displayed on the homepage… another one on the contact page, yet another one on the news page etc.
  • So then I thought, I should make a ‘Banner Home’ content model, a ‘Banner Contact’ content model etc. And make sure that the ‘Banner Home’ is only displayed on Home in my code. But in that case I have like 8 different Content Models for the same purpose… I don’t know… I don’t seems logic somehow.
  • Or should I make a ‘Home Model’ and place fields underneath like Banner Image, Banner Title (and some others fields that might be interested for the homepage only?)

I hope some of you can send me in the right direction about this. Thank you in advance!

I would suggest making a Page content type, and a Banner content type. The Page content type would then have a reference field to entries of the Banner content type.

Then you have 8 entries of the page content type (one for each page) that represents the content to be shown on each page. Then you can have an entry of the banner content type that is linked from the Home page entry and a different banner entry to link from the contact page, etc.

Does that make sense?