How to create chapters?

Hi there, I am new to contenful and like it so far. I am quite content.

However, I am struggling to find a good pattern to create chapters. For example, I would like to group a bunch of posts, and then create mini book.

They way I have done it is via creating a book content, where I add a title, description, pic etc. When I publish that, that gives you an id, then I add that id to the chapters and so generate all the chapters and add a ref to the id for the book. But this seems really clunky. The reason is, there needs to be a certain order for the chapters and that needs to be managed. So for example, I decide there is actually a missing chapter that needs to go to place 3 then I have to update all other chapters.

A good way would be to have a repeater for richtext. Is this possible? Or one can include content model inside a content model?

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help.

You can create a content type for book and another content type for chapter. And give them the fields you like.

  • Probably there would be a Rich Text field inside chapter, where you can write all the text for this chapter.

  • Then inside book you can create a reference field named “chapter” with “many references” and configure it inside validations to “Accept only specified entry type: chapter”.

This way you can create, edit and rearrange the order of the chapters inside the book content type.

ramirezsandin thank you very much for the quick response, that has done the trick. Quite easy.