How to detect reference field content change

Hi there, I have a custom app displays in the sidebar needs display the content details of a referenced field after the reference field is updated by the default popup editor. I search and tried all over the contentful-ui-extensions-sdk but can’t figure out a way to get notified by the reference field content update. The only hook I found in the sdk is

field.onValueChanged(locale?, cb): function

but this doesn’t work in this case as the onValueChanged callback is only fired on adding or deleting a new reference entry or existing reference entry. But in the case of changing the content of the reference entry, this callback never gets executed.

So does anyone know how to receive a notification in a custom app/extension on the reference field content change?


Hey folks, we have a pretty similar issue and no solution yet.
We are working on a custom ui extension with a MultipleEntryReferenceEditor .
We are trying to get onValueChanged events for the linked entries in the custom editor. However the FieldConnector (‘@contentful/field-editor-shared’) gets only re-rendered when a new item is added to the list or its order changes. It’s not getting called when the value of the linked entry itself changes.
Is there a good solution to subscribe to linked entry value changes? Or are we missing something?

Thanks in advance

@tony.zhai @r.rutsche It’s been a while but I have the same question, did you find a solution? Thx :slight_smile:

I’m also looking for a solution to this, at the moment I’m doing it manually