How to fetch embedded-entry-block data in nuxtjs

I wanted to fetch data from contentful and I used rich text data type with embedded-entry-block. But I always get the undefined when I tried to call [name of field] from the object. Can someone explain what should I do?

Hi Shafira,

Unfortunately you can’t access the embedded-entry’s fields directly. But you will need to use a Rich Text renderer, like this one:

You can see in the example (JS) code:

const options = {
  renderNode: {
    [BLOCKS.EMBEDDED_ENTRY]: (node) => {
      const { title, description } =;
      return <CustomComponent title={title} description={description} />

That the nodes need to be selected and then can be accessed. I know it’s a little tricky, but I hope this can point you in the right direction. We have also rich text parsers for other languages, as you can find here:

Thank you for the answer! I’ll try using Rich Text renderer as you said