How to Fetch Nested Reference Entry with ReactJS? I'm getting error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'fields' of undefined

Hi, I’m new to contentful and React

After a lot of googling I’m posting here

As I am new user, so the image in this topic is one

When I try to fetch Nested Reference Entry then it says fields undefined typo error. The content is not rich text but the simple short text field

If I remove this line <h2>{menuheadings.fields.about}</h2> then other fields are working fine because heading and nestin2 are not nested reference contents and error is coming from this line

 const view = this.state.section;
        const { heading, testin2, menuheadings} = view;

        return (
          <section className = "sidebar">
          <div className = "sidebar__block">
          <div className = "sidebar__contents">

JSON response

github code:

solved here is the written article: