How to get firstPublishDate of each blog entry?

Hi, I want to have the first publish date of each blog post.

I have a content type blogPost, which I fetch using the JS sdk like so:

await client.getEntries({
      content_type: "blogPost",

Ultimately I get an array containing the blog posts, and a firstPublish for the query itself (?), but each object does NOT contain a firstPublished or similar field.

So how can I query for all blog posts, and still get a response that attributes a firstPublish date for each blog post?

I would like to add to this thread,
As per an earlier thread (link), firstPublishedAt and other fields should be part of the payload under “sys”. But its not the case.

Is it possible that these fields are configurable and Admins can change the availability of these. If no, What may be the circumstances where these kind of information might not be available while using the JS SDK or REST API call.

FYI: Unlike what’s mentioned above, I’ve trying with an API call.

Hi @abhilash.dawar ,

As mentioned in the other thread you linked, it is possible to take the firstPublishedAt from the sys, but only when using CMA (Management API). Meanwhile when using CDA (Delivery API), the information is not there:

A possible solution would be to use a date time field in your Content-type to hold this information separetely (that can be either set manually or by a UI extension).

Thank you @Alma .
I will consider using those methods for the same.